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This is a true story about a client who asked me to perform a GBP verification for his business. He tried to do it himself, but, due to a lack of time and the procedure being complicated, he failed to complete the task.

Begin at the Beginning

To understand the significance of this request, let’s first understand what GBP is and why it has to be verified.

Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), is a free tool that enables businesses to create and manage their online presence across Google’s various platforms, such as Google Search and Google Maps. It enables businesses to input key information like their address, phone number, hours of operation, website, and more, making it easier for potential customers to find and learn about them.

Verification is a crucial step in the process of setting up and managing a Google Business Profile. Verification helps to ensure that the data provided by a company is accurate and that the company actually operates at the stated location. It also adds credibility to the business listing and helps prevent fraudulent or unauthorized changes to the profile.

By verifying their GBP, businesses can have more control over how their business appears in Google’s search results, improve their visibility to potential customers, and access additional features like responding to reviews, posting updates, and gaining insights into how users are interacting with their profile.

Standard verification methods

Under What Circumstances Does a Business Require Verification for Their GBP?

Obviously, a new business would need this to be done. But what about an existing business that has moved to a new location or when another change has been made to the profile? They also have to be re-verified. Also, if the business has been inactive for a period of time at a bricks and mortar location, re-verification would again be required.  To re-verify, go to your verified GBP and follow the steps.

Note that a P.O. box or a virtual location do not qualify for GBP verification, so if you work out of your house, for example, you may not qualify.

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What Do You Have to Do to Verify Your Business’ GBP?

Here is what Google says on their website:

To verify your GBP (Google Business Profile), Google may ask you to complete a few steps. These steps typically involve verifying your business information, such as your address, phone number, and website. Here are some common verification methods used by Google:

  1. Postcard Verification: Google sends a postcard to the business address with a verification code. You will need to enter this code in your Google Business Profile.
  2. Phone Verification: In some cases, Google may offer phone verification, where they call or text the business phone number with a verification code. (Note: To get your verification code, make sure you can answer your business phone number or receive texts. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems will not get the code.)
  3. Email Verification: You may also receive an email with a verification link that needs to be clicked to confirm your business information.

Please note that the specific verification process may vary depending on your location and business type. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by Google to successfully verify your GBP.

Google Business Profile Features

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Instead, Here’s What My Client Was Asked to Do:

  1. Travel to the location of the business.
  2. Install Google Meet on your cell phone.
  3. Connect to the GBP division via Google Meet and create a live video while connected that shows what it looks like to travel through the front door of the building and into the actual office. The video is to be no more than 30 seconds in length.

Here’s the kicker! My client’s office is on the 4th floor of a building. Not only does it take more than 30 seconds to make the trip, but he lost connection as soon as he entered the elevator. Google does not allow for a previously created video to be downloaded; it all has to be live action. Repeated tries produced the same result, and, eventually, he gave up. He became more frustrated with each failed attempt, and that’s when he called me.

So, What Did I Do?

Here is what I ended up doing, and admittedly, I cut a few corners to satisfy Google’s ‘rules’:

  1. I travelled to the business location.
  2. I connected to the GBP office via Google Meet and turned on the video and audio on my cell phone.
  3. The rep at the GBP office took screen shots of all my movements.
  4. “Show the reception area,” the rep said. I showed the lobby of the building and they took a screen shot.
  5. “Show the office door,” the rep said. I showed a random door on the first floor of the building. (Remember, my client’s office is on the 4th floor and a trip in the elevator would end the connection.)
  6. “Show the tools used in the office,” the rep said. I showed the blank screen of my turned-off laptop.
  7. “Show the office,” the rep said. I showed a random security desk in the lobby.
  8. “Go out on the street and show a street sign and the front of the building,” the rep said. I went onto the street and showed some street signs and the building facade.
  9. At that point, I was instructed to go back to the chat so the rep could tell me that the business was verified for GBP.
GBP - Offer your services or products

After All That, What Did I Learn?

  1. The GBP verification system is unnecessarily complicated and time consuming with Herculian tasks included as requirements.
  2. A typical businessperson has neither the time nor the patience to complete the verification process on their own.

What is the moral of the story? If you want to have your GBP verified, call us. We can complete the verification process for you and then help you optimize the GBP as well as other parts of your online business presence. You can have a productive conversation with real people, and I promise that you will be pleased with the results of your efforts.

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