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Digital Marketing for Businesses in Toronto

Unlock the power of digital marketing! Promote your business through digital marketing in Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), by partnering with Zigma Internet Marketing’s team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals.

With a population of over 6,000,000, Toronto is vast, unique and diverse. This vibrant city is known for a plethora of cultures. It’s also known for being both the financial and media hub in Canada, so there’s a great deal of potential to promote your business through digital marketing in Toronto…but you need to do it the right way to achieve the best results.

That’s where Zigma comes in!

Our digital marketing experts will work directly with you to understand what makes your business unique, and deliver more qualified leads to achieve success in your industry.

Zigma Internet Marketing specializes in web design and development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing (and more) to achieve our clients’ digital marketing goals. Together, we’ll create a customized strategy to provide ongoing support for small, medium and large businesses as they grow and thrive in Toronto and the GTA.

Your Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto, Canada

There are many different elements of a digital marketing strategy that must come together to get clients the results they’re looking for. With that in mind, we’ve built a team with diverse knowledge and experience in the following areas related to digital marketing: 

  • Website design & development
  • Digital advertising best practices
  • Search engine optimization
  • Current social media platform knowledge
  • Engaging content for many different purposes & industries
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While our team has varied strengths and areas of expertise, they all share the same level of care, attention to detail and commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and goals.


At Zigma, we love what we do, and we’ll create a customized solution to help you grow your business!


Our Digital Marketing Approach

Partnering with Businesses to get Results

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to show what you do best to two very different audiences:

  1. Your ideal client (Prospects)
  2. Search engines (Google & Bing)

Both of these audiences are very different, and they have different needs. Our online marketing experts know what will resonate (and improve your impact) with people and search engines. Digital marketing in Toronto is effective when businesses convey clear, engaging messages to both of these two audiences. Implementing a specific digital marketing strategy for locations like Toronto and the GTA need more robust SEO and SEM techniques because the competition includes big players in different industries who invest a lot of money to win businesses in major centres like Toronto.

Your most important digital marketing asset is your website. We live and breathe current web design and development best practices. We really do! Zigma is Google Partner, and our team also knows how to optimize other search engines (Bing, DuckDuckGo and more) depending on the best fit for our clients.

Our websites are designed to maximize the user experience by speaking to both of our clients’ target audiences with easy to navigate, clear call-to-action messages that generate leads and sales. They are the heart of your advertising campaigns, and we’ll augment them with on-page and off-page SEO strategies, professionally written blogs/social media content, on the right platform(s) for your industry, to increase traffic, leads and sales.

Our team functions like an extension of your business. We know that our credibility and reputation as a digital marketing business in Toronto lies in our ability to help our clients meet their strategic business objectives.

We know the Toronto market extremely well. We’ll create a digital marketing plan tailored to your brand, products and services that generates leads for your business.

The team at Zigma is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about website design, SEO and internet marketing best practices. They have helped me expand the scope of my business, and educate my target audience about all of the services my business offers. Thank you for helping me grow my business!
Owner of a Professional Writing Company in the GTA

The team at Zigma Marketing have increased our businesses online dramatically. They are great for search engine optimization (SEO). They are knowledgeable and really care about the success of our business. Thanks for all your guidance and support. We’re happy to have you apart of our team!
Business owner in Toronto

Thanks for the great internet marketing services, I feel I have a new active digital marketing team in-house, they work as it’s their our company! Great result, keep going!
Business owner in Toronto

Want to find out what the right digital marketing strategy can do for your business?

We need a little information to evaluate your current digital marketing efforts, and provide suggestions from our team.

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  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (PPC/CPC)
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Anything else we should know?

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Web Design & Development

Web design, development and optimization come together to create a successful website that resonates with users and search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Leveraging our expertise of on-page and off-page SEO strategies, we’ll deliver more leads to your business.

Search Engine Marketing

We know how to position your website in front of your ideal clients exactly when they’re searching for your products & services.

Social Media Marketing

Using the right social media platform for you (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business), we’ll increase the awareness of a product, service, brand or event.