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Web Design & Development

How Can I Turn my Website into a Marketing Tool That Increases Traffic and Attracts Leads?

At Zigma, we create websites to engage our client’s target market. This strategy gives our clients the opportunity to convert leads into customers.

How do we do this? We use our industry experience, creativity, and professional writing skills to create customized websites for our clients depending on their business goals, industry, size, and needs.

How do you Decide the Best Approach to Design and Develop a Website to Meet a Client’s Needs and Goals?

Our team of web developers, graphic designers and SEO specialists are professional, certified, and have a wealth of experience in web design and SEO; Zigma is a Google partner and Bing partner.

These days, making a website appears to be very easy. Just install WordPress on a server, add some plug-ins for every function, and you’re all set!

This is not what we do, and we’ll explain how and why clients benefit from our web design process here.

Our team will choose the proper platform based on the client’s goals (not what is easiest to work with)! Regarding WordPress, we usually code the functions, and rarely use plug-ins unless they are trusted applications.

Which Content Management Systems does Zigma Use?

We have a thorough understanding of several Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OsCommerce, Shopify, Magenta, and many more), and we’ll suggest the best option to meet your needs and requirements.


Will my Website Look Similar to Others in the Same Industry?

Zigma’s Internet marketing team also has a wealth of experience in graphic design, photography, and content creation that we leverage to create a lasting impression on your target audience. Our team works together by sharing their expertise to create that “wow” first impression.

Every website we design is original because we recognize that every one of our clients is unique. We want you to stand out!

When we launch a website, it is visually appealing, easy to follow, and tailored to our client’s industry. If it fits into your overall digital marketing strategy, we can include videos or HTML5 animation. When someone visits your website, we want them to be impressed!

Having trouble choosing the right web developer? Read our checklist for the 7 things they must do before you hire web developer.

Lead clients to your business with proven Internet marketing strategies.

Will the Website be Optimized for SEO?

At Zigma, every client website is fully optimized; we view SEO as a component of web design and development, not a separate project.

Our SEO knowledge benefits our clients because it increases website traffic, and attracts qualified leads. It allows our clients an opportunity to do what they do best – convert potential customers into new customers.

What is Zigma’s Process for Creating a New Website?

Our development process is centered around our client’s business objectives. We want your input, and ask for feedback during each of the five steps:

  1. Initial meeting – discussing the client’s needs and goals
  2. Wireframe – viewing an outline of the website
  3. Draft layout – reviewing branding, graphics and content
  4. Evaluation – previewing online, coding, debugging and testing
  5. Going live – launching the website

The web design and development process is as thorough as it is streamlined; our clients can have their website fully optimized for SEO and launched within the approved timeline.

If you’re ready to put your website to work for your business, it’s time to leverage our web design, web development and Internet marketing expertise!

Contact us to get started.