What is Our Approach to SEM?

What is Zigma’s Approach to Search Engine Marketing?

We believe in continually educating ourselves on industry best practices, sharing our knowledge with clients, and regularly updating them with transparent metrics and customized results.

Before we start working with a new client, we provide them with a free evaluation of their current SEM campaign. This is an important benchmark, for us and for our potential client, to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. It also helps us to define future goals.

We meet regularly with clients to discuss a clearly written report with information tailored to their company’s SEM performance. We also want to understand how our SEM efforts have translated into more leads and business opportunities.

During our meeting, we will address if we need to make changes to the current campaign including:

  • How to accommodate business growth
  • Consider targeting new areas and services, etc.
  • Discuss how your SEM fits into your overall marketing strategy

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Will SEM Translate into ROI?

Yes, it can, as long as you make good choices. However, SEM can be risky (and costly) when companies use paid advertising on their own with little or no training or experience.

That’s where we come in. We will ensure that we have a clear understanding of your business goals to help you achieve your ROI objectives.

Working with your budget, we will structure an SEM campaign so that it addresses what is most important to you including:

  • New customer acquisition – using strategies to invite new people to visit your website and entice them to contact you
  • Brand awareness – structuring your key messages clearly to convey your value, and attract the right kinds of potential customers
  • Traffic – creating content, messaging and compelling call to action messages to drive more leads to your website

If you want to increase your brand recognition, we would recommend a display advertising campaign. If you are looking to sell products online, we may recommend a combination of Google Shop and remarketing.

We know that an effective SEM strategy is scalable, and it must be able to change along with our clients’ needs.

We will share and track our progress with you using clear, transparent metrics. As your business continues to change and grow, we can adapt our strategy to ensure we keep meeting your goals.

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