SEM Tips

Managing a Successful SEM Campaign

There’s more to building a paid search campaign than meets the eye. It’s not all keywords and fancy ads. There are best practices that come with setting up a successful PPC campaign most of which the average business owner does not know.

Having Google AdWords Certified PPC specialists, like those at Zigma, setting up and managing your campaign can ensure you get the most out of your digital marketing budget.

Below are a few of the essential steps Zigma takes when managing a paid search campaign.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Before your PPC specialist starts building your paid search campaign, they should conduct keyword research and analysis. The objective of keyword research is to understand the search volume and competition for keywords related to your products and services. With this analysis, we are able to determine how popular search terms are and whether it will generate conversions for your website.

You gain customers when they search for keywords related to your products and services on search engines. If these keywords are not in your campaign, you will not show up on the SERP and therefore can lose the potential client.

Keyword research and analysis allows us to understand what your customers are searching so we can include these keywords in your search engine marketing campaigns to drive leads to your website.

Ad Copy

Ad copy is essential to the success of your SEM campaign . We write ads that are compelling, keyword focused, and use proper calls to action that boost clicks and conversions to your campaign.

A paid search campaign’s performance is closely linked to the ad copy used. A poorly crafted ad can lead to a higher cost per click, and therefore less clicks to your website. We know and understand ad policies on Google AdWords and BingAds so we can provide our clients with top performing and cost effective ads.

A/B Ad Testing

Every adgroup will have multiple ad versions in order to determine what content and calls to action provide the most clicks and conversions. We call this A/B Testing. It allows us to test variations of the ads and ensure only the best performing ads are used.

Optimized Landing Pages

Having a specific landing page for your Search Engine Marketing campaign can help increase conversions and lower your cost per click because it is a highly relevant page that only focuses on one topic. This can be a specific product or service. Zigma is capable of landing page design and web programming . Having optimized landing pages has proven to increase the percentage of visitors to the website that convert into sales leads and customers.


Lead clients to your business with proven internet marketing strategies.

Measuring Results

Your campaign is live….now what? How do you know what keywords are working? What ads are receiving the most clicks? Or how long visitors from your SEM campaign are spending on your website? This is where measuring results comes in!

Once a campaign is live, it needs to be monitored to see what aspects of the campaign are successful, and what areas need improvement.

The following are just a handful of the PPC campaign metrics we evaluate at Zigma:

  • Conversions
  • Quality score
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Impression Share
  • Bounce Rate
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversion rate

The great part about digital marketing is the ability to measure where all your marketing dollars are going. If you are not measuring and monitoring your paid search campaigns, you could be losing money and missing out on potential customers.

Managing your own paid search campaign can be overwhelming, so why not let the Google Certified PPC specialists at Zigma handle it for you? To learn more about Zigma’s campaign management, contact us today! Let us manage your SEM campaign, so you focus on running your business!