Internet Marketing Case Study for Chiropractic Clinic

Learning How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote a New Chiropractic Clinic

In 2012, a recent graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College selected an office in a busy plaza in Newmarket to open his clinic. This young doctor’s father was also a chiropractor, but he did not decide until his teenage years that he also wanted to be a chiropractor.

After taking a Careers class in high school, he started asking his Dad more questions about his work. His father was willing to share knowledge with his son, including taking him to industry conferences, but he did not want to influence him if he was considering another career.

Many chiropractors are so focused on finishing their education and practical work that they do not concentrate on learning how to operate a business. In addition to becoming a doctor, he had to learn how to become an entrepreneur. While learning how to renovate his new office, the new chiropractor had to learn another set of skills – how to promote his business.

This chiropractor’s office is beside my favourite local restaurant. He had permission to display flyers advertising his clinic in the restaurant. I took a flyer, and made an appointment a few days later.

Where does Internet Marketing Fit in my Chiropractic Business Plan?

Over time, my new chiropractor said that he was struggling to establish a client base. He shared that he was attending many local networking events, placing advertisements in local newspapers and displaying flyers around town. He said that his Dad had told him that is how he promoted his business several years ago, and he felt like he must be doing something wrong.

I knew that he was missing a very important marketing strategy, but like many new business owners, he was worried about making the financial investment. I told him how social media marketing could help to promote his clinic. He was interested, but also fearful of taking on another investment.

How Can Social Media Help a Business Grow?

Social media marketing is actually a very cost effective way to advertise, attract local leads and drive traffic to your website. At the time, the clinic did not have a website. With some guidance, he created a website to address this gap.

For this client, we created a company Facebook page and joined several local groups. I also encouraged him to ask clients for testimonials and to let them know he would appreciate their recommendations in local Facebook groups. These small changes helped the clinic immensely! Over a six month period in 2013, the clinic had 11 new clients as a result of testimonials and Facebook recommendations. In addition, the clinic now has over 50 positive Google reviews.

This business is thriving, and regularly sets new goals to continue to expand. The clinic became a team with the addition of a full-time administrator in 2014. In 2019, the team has set a goal of adding an online scheduling feature on their website, and improving the content.

It has been a pleasure watching this clinic grow over the years. This team confidently uses social media to promote the clinic, and regularly receive recommendations and referrals for new clients.

If you operate a medical clinic and want to know how a professional social media presence can help your business grow, contact the team at Zigma for a complimentary consultation.

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