There are a lot of different methods of online advertising. Our clients ask us questions about trends and new offerings fairly often. They also ask if (and how) they would fit into their business.

In June 2018, Google launched Smart Campaigns. Designed for small business owners, Smart Campaigns automatically targets audiences (i.e. by location, device, demographics), creates ads and delivers them across Google channels. This is a relatively new offering, so it is very soon to state how effective it is to generate leads or sales for small business owners.

Pay per Lead (PPL) campaigns have been offered longer than Smart Campaigns. PPL is an online advertising model where payment takes place only when qualified leads are generated. Depending on the business, a lead may be an email address or a wealth of information from a client ready to buy products or services. One drawback of PPL is the quality of the leads clients receive; in many cases, leads may be fraudulent (e.g. a website contact form completed by a bot instead of a potential client) and cause the actual cost of acquiring a client to rise.

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