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How Do I Use Google Local Service Ads?

Did you know that over 46% of Google searches are local? This means that incorporating Google local service ads into your business’ digital marketing strategy can help you generate leads and tap into this huge potential customer base. Are you ready to create your own Google local service ads?

Google Local Ads Homepage

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your account:

1- Confirm your business eligibility in Canada

Google local service ads aren’t available for every business in Canada just yet. They are currently only available for certain trades and select markets. Therefore, to check your eligibility, all you need to do is click on the “Get Started” button on the Google local service ads homepage. Now, select your postal code, country, and job category from the drop-down menus.

If your job type or region hasn’t been rolled out by Google local service ads yet, do not worry! Google is expanding these services quicker than you think. Keep track of the latest updates and sign up to know when it becomes available.

Google Local Ads Eligibility

2- Create a Google local service ads profile

Now that you are eligible, the next step is to set up your account. Your Google local service ads profile determines which jobs will come your way and who will find your listings. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get it right.

Start by entering basic information such as your contact details, business name, and your own name. Followed by this, you will be expected to add detailed information about your business like what services you offer, your services’ postal codes, and how much you charge. Thereby, when entering services, make sure only to include the ones you provide or are qualified for. Your Google local service ads profile will let potential customers know what to expect before contacting you.

Sign up to Google Local Ads

3- Submit relevant paperwork, licences, and insurance details

This process is a little tricky. To earn the Google Guarantee badge and run Google local service ads, you’ll need to submit proof that you are an insured and licensed professional. However, for some industries like cleaning, there is no need for a certificate, as just corporate registration and insurance are enough. When submitting, ensure that all of your documents are up-to-date. Also, provide your professional licences and general liability insurance. The expiry date of all documents should not be within the next 30 days.

Submit relevant paperwork, licences, and insurance details

4- Complete a background check with Pinkerton

Like any other professional organisation, Google wants to ensure that its users are safe. Therefore, Google uses third parties for background checks in different countries. In Canada, Google uses Pinkerton to perform a comprehensive background check of your business and fieldworkers.

Complete a background check with Pinkerton

5- Manage your budget

Once your profile is completed, and you’ve passed the background check, it is time to set a budget for your Google local service ads. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Decide how many leads you want in a week or month.
  • You’re only charged for each lead you generate through the ads.
  • You can amend your budget according to your future needs at any time.

Manage your budget

6- Manage and review your ad leads

You can easily review your Google local service ads leads through your mobile phone or desktop inbox. Therefore, follow up with a reply or call as soon as you are notified of a lead. Just remember, leads aren’t customers until they hire you.

Manage and review your ad leads

Hire a Google local service ads specialist in Canada

From setting up your Google local service ads strategy to its maintenance, we have got you covered. Contact Zigma’s Google local service ads specialists, and schedule an appointment, discuss your long-term goals, and provide us with some pertinent documents. These will include an insurance certificate and proof of authentication after you have completed a background check process by a third party (Pinkerton). Our specialists will then work with you to create a Google local service ads strategy according to the unique needs of your brands.