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All You Need To Know About Local Services Ads And Google Guaranteed

If you’re a local business struggling to make your mark in the local market and attract potential customers, you may have come across several people recommending Local Services Ads (LSA) or a “Google Guaranteed” badge to achieve your goals. However, being new to a concept and system can leave you feeling puzzled and, therefore, reluctant to try something that could end up becoming a game changer for you. If you’re willing to learn more about it and see if it could fit your business, then you should keep reading to find out more about LSA and LSA badges.

What are Local Services Ads (LSA)?

Have you ever searched for a service in your local area and found some results right above Google’s generic paid search ads? That is what a typical Local Services Ads (LSA) campaign looks like. It integrates your location details, and Google shows you local service providers in your vicinity for a service you look for on a Google search. The results from your search are displayed on top of the generic paid searches and include basic information about service providers (e.g., their address, telephone number, business hours, customer reviews and images).
The LSA is a pay-per-click ads option designed exclusively for local and small businesses, as its name indicates. These local businesses include home services like plumbing, locksmiths, restoration companies, gardeners as well as professional services (e.g., lawyers, real estate agents, financial planners, etc)..


LSA Badges: Google Screened vs. Google Guaranteed

You should be more aware of what kinds of LSA results pop up when you search for a local service near you. Have you ever noticed two different green ticks below each kind of service? One of those badges is Google Screened, and the other is Google Guaranteed.
As a local business owner running a Google LSA campaign, it’s crucial that you understand the difference between these badges.

Google Guaranteed

The Google Guaranteed badge is one of the green, positively vibing checks you’ll see below LSA search results that you see when you search for a home services provider like a restoration company, local gardener, locksmith, plumber, electrician etc. Below a service provider’s ad, this badge tells you that it is licensed, screened and checked by Google; this is how Google guarantees their listed services.
So, what happens if a customer acquires a service backed by the Google Guaranteed badge and isn’t satisfied with the service rendered by the provider? In that case, Google will pay the customer the amount that they paid for the given service up to a lifetime maximum amount per customer. In the US, that amount is $2,000 per customer.


Google Screened

Google Screened is another badge with a green tick that you’ll only find in LSAs for professional services. The Google Screened badge present below a service provider’s ad shows that the service has been checked and licensed by Google. However, it is not backed by a money-back guarantee from Google like a Google Guaranteed service.

Wrapping It Up

Are LSAs a good investment for local service providers? The answer to this question is an emphatic “yes!” They’re an excellent, risk-free option to help you elevate your business. You can pause these ads and hold your costs from incurring if, for some time, you feel it’s not suiting your business needs or budget. However, that’s a rarity.
If you are interested in learning how Local Services Ads and Google badges can help grow your business, call a digital marketing expert at Zigma Internet Marketing to get started today.