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Here is an online tool to find how many Google Merchant review you have, simply enter your website and click on the button

You’ve probably heard about third parties that provide review collection services. These companies are trusted by Google. This means that if you collect your reviews through their platform, Google shows them in the knowledge panel (The information in the box, called the Business Profile, can help customers discover and contact your business) beside Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as well as the organic search result ( stars beside your URL).

Google’s knowledge box is a database that collects information about businesses, reviews and photos that belongs to your Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB). This is helpful for businesses because it means that Google recognizes their business, product, etc.

Using an application like Trustpilot or Yotpo can be expensive. It may cost thousands of dollars, but is it worth it? Is there any alternative solution to those review applications?

At Zigma, we can help you to set up Google customer reviews on your website (E-commerce) to capture both seller reviews and product reviews to help build the trust for your online shop, having more reviews helps you get a better position on Google Map and Google Shopping.

Working with us is more affordable than using costly apps, and our team can help you get the reviews you need to enhance your online credibility.

Google customer review survey pop up sample

Google Customer review survey pop up sample

Google customer review’s survey email sample

Google Customer review survey email sample

How many Google Seller Reviews do I have? What is my Google Seller Review score?

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What is the difference between Seller Reviews and Product Reviews?

Many clients do not know that there are two different types of Google reviews. They each serve a different purpose in helping search engine users find products and services they’re looking for online.
Seller reviews focus on the company and/or customer service experience (e.g. how helpful staff were, website navigation, shipping time, fair prices, etc.)

Product reviews focus strictly on product feedback. It is important to set up Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), a unique 14-digit number used to identify trade items/products, on your online shop’s website to capture this feedback.

What should you do if your Google customer review is inactive?

The “Inactive” status in the Google Customer Reviews dashboard is not meant to infer that your Google Customer Reviews account is not activated, nor does it signal that you cannot receive Product Ratings or Seller Ratings. The inactive status indicates that no eligible data has been received to display Product Ratings information in your Merchant Center graphs.

The inactive notice is found in the Product Ratings section of Google Merchant Center. This section houses data for Product Ratings only, while the Overview section shows data for the collection of surveys and your seller rating. To change the “inactive” status, you will need to start collecting product reviews through the Google Customer Reviews program.

You can make an optional modification to the existing survey opt-in module on your website. This modification adds a new line of code to include GTINs of the products sold in each customer’s order. Your customers will receive a dual purpose survey; they can leave feedback for your store and the products they purchased.

Once you start receiving product reviews, the inactive message will disappear, and data will populate in the graphs on your dashboard. Collecting product reviews is optional, and it is not required to participate in the Google Customer Reviews program. For more information, read Google’s FAQs for collecting product reviews.

If you have any questions about using the Google Customer Reviews program for your business, please contact the team at Zigma. 

What does “Seller rating has no data,” in Google Merchant Center?

To qualify for a seller rating on Google, businesses need to have a minimum of 100 unique reviews over the past year in the same country the business is registered in to show data on Google.

Are you curious about how Product Reviews and Seller Reviews can improve your credibility online and drive traffic to your website? Please call us at 647-556-6071 for a free consultation to discuss how online reviews can help your business grow.

For PPC and SEO purposes, are Product Reviews or Seller Reviews more important?

If you are competing with a big online store like Amazon, a Product Review is just as important as a Seller Review. However, if you want to stand out in Google organic search results and Google Ads (PPC), you should concentrate on getting more 5 star Seller Reviews.

The team at Zigma will gladly share this data to help your business with you, and tell you if your website is eligible to collect Google Seller Reviews.

What can I do if my Google seller badge doesn’t show up?

Make sure the “Opt-in Integration” and Badge Integration code were implemented correctly, Opt-integration code should be on the purchase confirmation page, and badge all the pages you want the be Google Seller badge be shown, keep in mind, you need to have more than 100 reviews and an average rating over 3.5 stars to earn a Google seller badge.

Why doesn’t Google show all of my reviews?

If you are sure you have more reviews than what you see online, your review(s) are likely from another country. Google categorizes the reviews based on the reviewer’s country, so if you are selling a product in Canada, you might not see the reviews from other countries.

The team at Zigma can help you troubleshoot through these issues to help you maximize your online credibility.

Lead clients to your business with proven Internet marketing strategies.

Can I have a Google Seller Review for my services?

The Google Seller Review from Google Merchant Centre is intended for a specific purpose – selling goods from Merchant Center. If you’re interested in getting feedback from your clients, use Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB) for this purpose.

Why is it important to have positive Google seller ratings in Google Ads?

If you have more than 100 reviews, Google will add a seller ratings ad extension to your accounts in Google Ads (Shopping & Search campaigns). This 5 star badge makes a very big difference in click through rate (CTR) and quality scores because Google views this badge as an important trust factor.