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Internet marketers around the world eagerly look forward to the Google Marketing Live conference every year because the tech giant announces major updates and advances in digital marketing. And this year’s event was no exception.

The digital giant announced ground-breaking updates and features that have created quite a buzz in the online marketing industry.

Here are the highlights of Google Marketing Live 2019 that all marketing practitioners need to know.

Ads Become More Visual

According to Google, online ads are going to become more visual, which means that ads on Google Discover will be swipeable. While this primarily benefits customers by allowing faster browsing and easier viewing, Internet marketers will benefit from the enlarged platform for ad placement. They can now place ads in very prominent places, such as on YouTube’s homepage as well as on the promotions tab in Gmail.

Greater Control Over KPIs

For more transparency into the effectiveness of their campaigns, Google has assigned control of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ad buyers. Marketers will now be able to select the conversions (e.g. email signups, sales, registrations and so on) that are most relevant for their ad campaigns. This means that brands can boost their ROI by adjusting the ad bidding accordingly.

Better Retail Ads

A major highlight of Google Marketing Live 2019 were the significant improvements made to Google’s Showcase Shopping ads. Although Showcase Shopping ads were initially released a couple of years ago, Google modernized and restructured the retail ads for a better user experience as well as improved features for Internet marketers. Not only can advertisers add several product images, they can also place links to the product page so customers can shop directly by following the search results.

More Tools for Improved Efficiency

So many of us rely on smartphones and mobile devices to complete tasks on the go. In response to this trend,, Google has enabled campaign managers or Internet marketers to create ad campaigns directly from their smartphones. The new Google Ads application is available on the Play Store as well as the App Store; marketers can write ad copy, place bids, optimize content and more from anywhere and at any time.

The app also features notifications to update campaign managers about the campaign’s performance. If something isn’t going as expected, it is easy to change it or follow the recommendations offered by the app for guaranteed results.

These highlights of Google Marketing Live 2019 clearly demonstrate Google’s desire to stay ahead of competitors by gaining the maximum benefit from brand marketers’ ad dollars. The new features, updates, enhanced tools and major takeaways from the conference promise great results for campaign managers as well.

Whether you’rere an Internet marketer or business owner looking for ways to promote their brand online, m be sure to take advantage of these tools and practices to boost sales and increase profits. If you need some guidance using them, give us a call at 647-556-6071 or connect us with via chat.