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Did you know that when people start looking for a business, 93% will type a query into a search engine? In 2020, this is not an overly surprising statistic. You’re probably not surprised either when you hear that Google is, by far, the most popular search engine.

One way for businesses to be more visible online is by using Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB). a tool designed to manage business listings on Google (the search engine as well as Google Maps). Businesses can enter the following information to help users find them:

  • Business name
  • Location
  • Business hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Photos (interior, exterior, team and logo)
  • Information to optimize how users search for your business (and more)

Learn How to Optimize Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB) to Reach Local Customers

For each of the categories mentioned above, there are requirements and recommendations for each section. GMB is a robust platform, and it can take some time and effort to learn how to use it properly to achieve the best results.

We will share some best practices related to photos to help create (or improve) your presence on GMB.

GMB listings with photos are twice as likely to be considered reputable, and they get 35% more engagement (clicks and user interest) than listings without pictures.

We highly recommend including pictures on your GMB listing.

Choosing the Right Profile Picture

Your profile picture should show your business in the best light, literally and figuratively, to make a positive first impression. Investing in a photographer with experience shooting images for GMB is a wise choice.

With the right panorama profile picture, your GMB listing will be more likely to generate more traffic and interest. Finally, the picture needs to be a specific size (250 pixels by 250 pixels).

How to Choose Your Cover Photo

The picture you choose as your cover photo will be displayed on your Google+ page. It is wise to choose something that visually explains your business. For example, if your business is a sub shop, you could use a picture of the front counter, sandwich preparation area or dining area. The recommended size for a cover picture is 2120 by 1192 pixels.

Adapting Your Logo for GMB

The default shape for logos on GMB is a square (250 pixels by 250 pixels). If your business has a logo that is a different shape, you will need to alter it to fit GMB’s requirements.


Need More Tips? Call us for a Free GMB Consultation!

Recently, GMB has changed and added new features and requirements to help businesses reach local customers. Our team has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to learn and apply them for several local businesses in many different industries.

While sharing everything we know here would require a great deal of space (and a lot of time for you to read the information), we decided to offer our GMB knowledge and expertise during a free consultation!

Please schedule a free consultation with a member of the Zigma team and learn more about our digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

Need Some Answers?

Do you have some questions about GMB, and are looking for some expert advice? We can definitely help! Call us at 647-556-6071, and get the answers you’re looking for related to GMB or any other social media platform we support (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter).