Helping Your Business Rank Higher

Search Engine Optimization: Helping Your Business Rank Higher

When you are looking to purchase a product, find a restaurant, or hire a business for a service, what is the first thing you do? More often than not, you take out your phone, tablet or computer and Google a combination of words to find what you are looking for. Search engines, like Google, will determine the best possible website to provide you with a solution to your search. Which search result do you click? Do you click the paid search ads? Or the listings below?

The first page of Google receives 91.5% of the total clicks from web searches. The first position of the organic search engine results page on Google receives 32.5% of the total clicks. How can you place your business in front of consumers at the point in time they are searching for your products and services?


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At Zigma, we are Google Partners and certified in SEO, so we know how to optimize your website to get the best results. We can also tap into our knowledge of Google algorithms (how Google finds, ranks, and returns relevant website search results) to improve your position.

There are over 200 different ranking factors that determine a website’s position on the search engine results page. We have skilled SEO writers, and they know what search engines are looking for when ranking website content.


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How Can I Use SEO to Increase Traffic to my Website?

During our initial consultations, we will do our research to understand which terms and keywords your ideal customers use, and weave this into your online marketing strategy. We will analyze the competitive market to create content that includes relevant topics and themes that will resonate with your target audience.

When your website is optimized, you will attract more visitors, and increase your ranking on SERPs.

Your website will be structured in a way that search engines understand while making sure we focus on engaging your target audience.

Working together, we will use our knowledge of SEO to bring more leads to your business through your website.

Truthfully, no one can guarantee that you will be the top ranking website on every search engine, but you have our commitment that your search engine ranking will improve. You will also see an increase in the number of qualified leads contacting you to discuss your products or services.

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How Can SEO Help Your Business?

With a solid SEO strategy, you can improve the quantity and quality of the leads to your website.

The quality of the traffic is measured by the number of conversions or goals completed associated with specific keywords that we can target on your website through SEO tactics.

SEO can also boost user engagement on your website. Blogging not only provides fresh, optimized content with keywords you’re targeting discussed throughout, but it also provides visitors with interesting information to keep them engaged on your website. Part of Zigma’s SEO services is researching industry related topics and writing monthly blogs that can be posted on your website and social media channels. Blogs increase user engagement, boost SEO rankings, and establish you as a knowledgeable, trustworthy leader in your industry.

SEO has a snowball effect, meaning that the longer you are implementing SEO strategies, the bigger and better your results will be. Search engine optimization is a process, and results don’t happen overnight. Over time, you will begin to see your organic rankings improve, traffic on your website will increase, and your business will grow!

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