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What’s More Effective? Workout or Diet? SEO or SEM?

Which Ones Are More Efficient Workout or Diet SEO or SEM

Workout / Diet

Diet or Workout? Which one is more efficient?
Answer: What is your GOAL?
Let’s compare SEO/SEM strategies as if going to a gym and asking a trainer to guide you into becoming fit and getting into shape. What would be more efficient – Diet or Workout?

The trainer would base his recommendations on your GOALS, your current body SHAPE and STRENGTH. Do you want massive muscles like a bodybuilder or a toned and fit body like a swimmer or runner?

Is good diet important? Yes, good diet is as important as a good workout; building muscles is not possible without enough protein and carbohydrate. Did you know that bodybuilders spend 50% of their time in a gym and 50% in a kitchen?! That is because sufficient nutrition is vital to making muscles stronger and bigger. How does this apply to SEO/SEM?

In digital marketing, developing high-end websites without engaging content is like working out hard but afterwards feasting on McDonald’s & Coke!
In my model, SEO strategy is like being a runner, and SEM strategy is like being a bodybuilder. These two strategies complement each other. Here’s why:
If you spend an hour 3 times per week in a gym exercising and get sufficient protein, you will probably start building muscle in 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, a runner will need more hours doing cardio and running for kilometers to achieve his goal.

Don’t get me wrong, going to the gym and consuming high protein nutrition is not a bad idea. However, you have to vigorously keep at the same routine to maintain muscle shape. On the other hand, becoming fit by doing lots of cardio requires more time but the body will maintain its tone and shape for much longer. Optimum fitness thus requires both these methods!

The same concept applies to SEO and SEM. When they work together it is like a businessman who regularly goes for an early morning run, eats healthy food during the day, has a great workout in a gym after work and consumes the right protein supplement. Working together, SEO and SEM are much more effective than one without the other.

Simply put: SEO attracts organic traffic. SEM helps you create more effective and targeted sessions resulting in your website to be found for the words you don’t rank for organically.