Google Launches New Business Messages Capabilities with Google Maps and Search

The majority of customers are impressed when organizations make it easy to find information related to their products and services. They also appreciate it when they have easy access to the answers they’re looking for, and a way to connect with customer support. Due to the physical distancing recommendations during COVID-19, giving customers what they want and need in these areas has been challenging.

How Google Makes it Possible to Reach Customers During COVID-19

Given the obstacles related to operating a business during a global pandemic, online messaging is as practical as it is valuable for business owners and customers. Google has developed digital tools to give companies many of the capabilities their customers desire, including a way to message customers who use Google Maps and Search through Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB). In fact, it’s not surprising that twice as many businesses are using Google’s Messages feature in 2020 than in 2019.

Google’s New Business Messages Capabilities

Google Maps and Search has expanded Business Messages to help businesses seamlessly integrate messaging into their customer service platforms.

Google provides a versatile messaging solution that can be used on common platforms (Maps on iOS and Android devices). The following picture shows that the Message feature is easy to see and find on Google Maps.

google map

Business Messages features include:

  • Unique, customizable welcome messages (automated)
  • Visual product carousels
  • Smart replies (automated)
  • The ability to transition from automated smart replies to a real-time conversation with a actual customer service agent

These Business Messages features are easy and intuitive to use for customers and employees.

Upcoming Business Messages Features on Search

Business Messages are currently only available in English; Google will launch this tool in other languages soon. The ability to manage messaging through Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly Google My Business (GMB) is not changing, but its capabilities are expanding.

Google is planning to expand and experiment more with Business Messages on Search. In the near future, Business Messages will be available on mobile websites, and businesses will be able to offer customers an option to “Message” directly from the site with the same automated replies as described above for Google Maps along with the ability to connect seamlessly to a live agent for more specific information.

By expanding and improving Business Messages in Google Maps and Search, Google is rising to the challenge of helping businesses and customers stay connected despite challenging times.

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