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Google Copies Elements of Facebook’s New Strategy for Lead Generation

Google has been making lots of changes lately, and it is very important that marketers and business owners know how their leads are being tracked. Another interesting theme is that these changes closely mirror recent changes made to Facebook’s advertising policies and procedures. Keep reading to find out about lead form extensions, and how these changes affect your business.

What are the Google lead form extensions?

Google Ads has a new way for businesses to capture customer information called lead form extensions. They are designed to attract customers with a compelling call-to-action, which is only accessible after completing a lead form. Advertisers can customize lead forms with a title and description, and indicate which pieces of information they want from customers (e.g. name, email, phone number, postal code). Any time a lead form is opened, Google will track it as a lead form click. When a user saves their information in a lead form, it counts as a lead conversion.

It is also important to note that, similar to Facebook, Google restricts lead form extensions from some sensitive verticals and sub-verticals. For more information about these restrictions, review these policies.


What else do I need to know about lead form extensions?

Google tracks a lot of valuable information in lead form extensions. However, Google does not automatically notify people using lead form extensions when they have received a new lead.

As we all know, it is imperative to follow up on leads quickly to maximize the chances of selling a product or service. Instead, people who are using lead form extensions will need to log into their Google Ads account regularly to download and monitor their leads. If a company or business owner does not respond to a lead promptly, they risk too much time passing to convert that lead into a customer.

How can you use this new feature to your advantage?

We are living and working during a time when technology and business tools are changing quickly. In response to Google’s introduction of lead form extensions, we have developed a method to notify our clients as soon as a potential client completes their information in a lead generation form.

We are committed to helping our clients grow and expand their businesses, so it’s only natural that we would find a way to help our clients make the most out of lead form extensions.

Call us at (647) 556-6071 to find out how to maximize this new feature from Google and Internet marketing strategies.