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Facebook Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Online Sales

The introduction of Facebook has shown many of us the power of social media. Not only can we check up on our loved ones through Facebook, but we can also stay in touch with local events and happenings. However, there are more than just personal uses for Facebook. Several people have established businesses on Facebook and made a significant profit doing so. Even though establishing a business on Facebook might seem simple, a lot of work goes into it behind the scenes.

Facebook marketing makes it seem like running a business is easy and convenient, but it is also highly competitive. Because Facebook marketing makes running a business so convenient, everyone wants a business on Facebook. Getting noticed is not easy. No matter what your product or service is, there’s almost always a competitor in the online world; this makes it tough to differentiate your business.

By applying these strategies, you can use Facebook Marketing strategies to your competitive advantage.

1. Focus on Engagement!

Yes, we get it, your number one goal for your Facebook page is sales (and earning a lot of money). You also know that you’re not going to do that by overwhelming or inundating people with your products or services. Aggressive selling strategies rarely work, and you may turn potential clients away if you go for the hard sell.

That is why you should keep your customer interested by producing great content. You’ll need to provide value with content that they can interact with, which means a like, share, or comment. When people genuinely like your posts, they will tag their friends and become unofficial brand ambassadors for your brand.

Remember, the best form of marketing is a satisfied customer!

2. Engaging Facebook Ads and Optimized Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Ads are an excellent feature you can use to boost your posts. This feature can be a gamechanger when you’re not able to get enough engagement even after you’ve posted engaging content. With the help of Facebook campaign optimization, you can boost your posts to make sure they’re visible to the relevant audience (the people most likely to buy your products).

Even though every brand or business wants their product to get noticed by everyone, it’s imperative to choose a target market. There’s no point in marketing your business to a large group of people who won’t be interested in your product when you have the opportunity to market it to a few thousand who will actually buy them.

3. Provide Contact Information

Imagine this scenario.

You’re watching an advertisement on YouTube. The product you’re watching is something you want to buy, but when the ad ends there is no website URL or contact number to help you buy the product. Frustrated, you Google what you remember about the ad you just saw…then you get distracted by another product and decide to buy it instead..

Facebook Marketing
While you purchased a product, the business with the poorly constructed ad lost a potential customer who was primed to make a purchase This scenario happens all too often to many businesses! Creating ads without call to action statements (or contact information) to complete a sale is an example of poor Facebook marketing.

Avoiding these three pitfalls can help you elevate your company’s online presence and they can be applied to any industry.

If you are interested to learn more about other digital marketing strategies, contact our digital marketing specialist in Toronto for free consultation.